List Maker helps you plan for groceries, tackle home to-dos, and more with lists. Start one with Artmoji, colors, headers, and reminders. Then add anyone to stay organized together.

Add Lists

On List Maker, it's easy to organize what you have in mind into a list.  Keep track of birthdays, save road trip ideas, or even plan for your next Halloween. To get started, tap the "Add List" button or choose a pre-created list.


Use Artmojis to illustrate your lists and make them look fun. You can choose from a growing selection of Artmojis or go old school without one. If you don't find what you want, send us a request. We might make one for you.

Organize Items

List Maker lets you easily organize your lists with headers and colors. Tap one of the colored chalk from the color palette and start writing. To turn items into headers, tap the header button and voilà! If needed, drag and drop items wherever you want. It's that easy.

Set Reminders

If you need to order dog food, call your mom, or take your medicine, add a reminder, and List Maker won't let you forget. Tap the reminder button and pick a date and time. You can also choose one of the four preset reminders.

Share Lists

When you want to collaborate on a list with your spouse, friends, or groups, send them an invite. Edits will appear instantly on everyone's phone. It's perfect to plan groceries, share gift ideas, or pray together. It will feel like sharing a chalkboard.


Top rated list-making app on the App Store (4.8 out of 5).
"This app is everything I’ve been searching for!! So cute and bright and a happy easy way to keep track of things and I LOVE that my husband can connect to it and add things to my list as he needs them without me having to try and keep track. I love this app, thank you so much for it!"
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