Why this list: Research shows that people using a grocery list spend less on average and make healthier choices. You will also know what you need to buy rather than walk around the grocery store for hours. Last, you are less likely to make multiple trips to your local store.

How to create it: Organize your grocery list into different section matching your grocery store. For example, you can add a heading for produce, meats, dry goods, dairy, frozen, and miscellaneous. Use a different color for each section. Invite people you live with so everyone can add items as things run out or things needed for the following weekend.

Favorite Meals

Why this list: If you have a hard time figuring out what meals to make, this list will give you options to choose from.

How to create it: Organize the list of your favorite meals into protein sections. For example, you can add a heading for beef, poultry, pork, seafood, and vegetarian. Use a different color for each heading. As you cook, add the meals you like and the cookbook it came from (if needed). It will turn into a complete collection of things you could eat. Share it with people you live with so you can plan your next meals together.

Top Restaurants

Why this list: If you have a hard time deciding where to eat, especially in a group setting, a list of all your favorite restaurants is a great way to start.

How to create it: Organize this list into three sections, breakfast and brunch, lunch, and dinner. Share this list with people you live with so you can decide where to eat as a group. When you go to a restaurant, check it off to not repeat it too often. When you have been to most restaurants, tap the menu button then tap "uncheck completed" to restart the process.

Home To Do

Why this list: To keep track of everything to do at home. If you live with other people, it is also a better way to know who needs to do what and stay in sync.

How to create it: Create a heading for everyone who lives with you (if applicable). Add a "together" heading for things you all need to do, like signing a birthday card. Share this list with people you live with to stay in sync. When you need to pay for things like home insurance or bring your dog to a vet appointment, add the task under the person who should complete it. Lastly, add a reminders for time sensitive items.

Let's Discuss

Why this list: To not forget things you wanted to talk about with friends or your special someone. You can also store ideas and thoughts to share later with a coworker.

How to create it: As things happen during your day, drop a few words that will help you remember what you wanted to discuss later. You can either share this list with people you want to talk to or keep it personal. Add reminders for things you don't want to forget to discuss.

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