🔗 Paste Visual Links!

You can now copy/paste links into your lists. It's ideal to share Christmas gift ideas during the holidays 🎁🎄🎁. And with the new share extension, you can save travel articles from any website, create a movie and tv show watchlist or keep a list of books to read with your friends. These are just a few examples of amazing lists you can now create with links.


✍️ New Fonts!

With Premium Fonts, you can change the appearance of your List Maker app with one tap. Use the crayon font for an even more artistic look or switch to the iOS font to improve readability. More options are coming to the appearance menu, so stay tuned ;).

❤️ New Valentine's Day Artmoji

Just before Christmas, we introduced 19 new Artmoji to personalize your lists and create something delightful to look at. Today we are pleased to announce a new Valentine’s Day Artmoji, available for free, and 8 new Premium Artmoji including ones for Gardens, Bills, and Kids Morning Routine just to name a few. We want you to find your perfect Artmoji’s for every occasion. PS: Thank you for all the Artmoji requests and the kind messages. We have the best members on List Maker!

🌼 New Premium Artmoji

Just before Thanksgiving, we introduced Artmoji as a new way to personalize your lists and create something delightful to look at. And boy it was a hit! So much so that we received a LOT of new Artmoji requests. Today we are pleased to announce 19 new Premium Artmoji including ones for Birthdays, Book Lists, and Bucket Lists just to name a few. We also added two new categories for Entertainment and Couples. We want you to find your perfect Artmoji’s for every occasion.


🎙 Introducing Siri Shortcut


Every year Apple releases new software and hardware. We are always looking for new ways to better integrate List Maker into how your phone works. This year one of the major new features of iOS 12 was opening up the Siri voice assistant to developers like us. We are releasing an update to the app that takes advantage of this new way of integrating with Siri. We are going to start by allowing users to create “Siri Shortcuts” for lists that will allow you to open List Maker directly to a list by just using your voice. For example, you will be able to issue a command just like this: “Hey Siri… Open my grocery list…”

Try it out yourself:

  1. Open one of your lists
  2. Tap the ‘…’ menu
  3. Select ‘🎙 Open List with Siri Shortcut’
  4. Use the record button to record a phrase like ‘Open Groceries’
  5. Drop out of the app
  6. Say ‘Hey Siri’ and use your phrase
  7. Boom! The app opens directly to your list.


🌼 Introducing Artmoji!

With Artmoji you can personalize your lists and create something delightful to look at. Just in time for the holiday season we’ve added holiday themed Artmoji’s too. In fact, we are including 15 Artmoji in our 2.0 launch covering the most popular lists. We have plans to periodically release more and as always, we’ll prioritize our work based on the feedback we get. Artmoji’s are something we came up with. They are little works of art using standard emoji.


🎨 Introducing 16 new colors!

Some of our premium members have asked for new colors. So, on top of creating a way to increase font sizes, we have also worked on two new premium color palettes.


🔎 Introducing font size adjustments!

Many members have asked us how to increase the font size. So, over the last few weeks, we have worked on simple ways to do just that through our newly redesigned profile screen. On List Maker, you can now make fonts extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. But we didn’t stop there. We also connected List Maker to your iOS device accessibility feature. So, if you have already increased your font size there, List Maker fonts will automatically adjust to your preferred reading text sizes. Angela and others, this update was for you! And yeah, we read and respond to 100% of our feedback emails.

I am loving this app! My suggestion is to be able to increase the font size. I’m having a hard time reading it as is. — Angela

✍️ Introducing headings!

Over the last two months, we introduced major lists improvements like “hide and show completed items” and “Tap anywhere to add items”. Those updates were necessary to introduce our latest addition to List Maker, “headings”! With headings, you can now create sublists in a very simple way. While editing an item, tap the “H” button on the keyboard toolbar to turn an item into a heading.

◉ Tap anywhere to add items.

In our last update, we introduced our first major list improvement to “hide and show completed items”. Our next improvement continues the simplification and cleanup we’ve been working on recently. The latest update lets you tap anywhere to add items to your lists. Previously, to add items on List Maker, you needed to tap the “add item” button. Now, you can tap any empty space above or below your list to add items (see example above). With “tap anywhere to add items”, using List Maker feels more and more like making a list on a real chalk wall, on the go.

☑️ ✅ Hide and Show.

Over the next few weeks, we will roll out major list improvements. We think of these improvements as “list mechanics” because they change how your lists work. We can’t wait to show them all to you! Our first improvement lets you “hide or show” completed items. Previously, when you completed an item on List Maker, that item would go to the bottom of the list. Since we will soon introduce sub-headings (spoiler alert), that list mechanic didn’t work anymore. Now, when you complete an item, that item magically disappears with a simple yet clean animation. If you need to bring your completed items back, simply tap the completed item icon “☑️ 1” and all completed items will instantly reappear “✅ 1”.

⇠👆 Swipe left to set reminders.

To set a reminder, left swipe on any item and tap the reminder icon. Then select one of the quick set options or pick a date and time. Your reminder will magically appear next to your item. That’s it! You are always 2 taps away from never forgetting an important task again.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Remind the whole team.

Whenever you set a reminder on a shared list, all members of that list will receive it. This took a lot of time to get right but the result is a powerful little app that “just works” and gets out of your way so you can “just work” too.

👨🏻‍💻👨🏽‍💻 Team List Maker memo.


List Maker has always been about simplicity, yet if you look at other apps, reminders is a feature that tends to add a lot of complexity. We took our time to avoid the complexity trap and get it right. It took us over a thousand iterations to come up with something so simple yet so powerful. We can’t wait for you to try it.

⇣ Adding items from top to bottom.


Adding items is the most fundamental feature of a to-do list, so we will continuously improve it. In this update, we used your feedback to do just that. Now, you can add items from top to bottom instead of the other way around (just like you would naturally do on a chalkboard or paper). Lists that are written from bottom to top force you to know what you want to write last, first. In other words, you have to think backward.

😎 List shortcuts.

You may have noticed a new button on the top right corner of your lists. Tap it to open list shortcuts. You will now be able to erase or uncheck multiple items at once. You also have access to a shortcut to add members to a list or export that list via email (thanks to Elza’s feedback).

❤️ Feedback we love.


“When I serendipitously stumbled upon this app, little did I know that it would become one of my essential go-to apps! It’s such a charming and handy app, and an absolute pleasure to use 😊 I love the chalkboard concept, the different colored chalks, and the friendly font! I also highly appreciate that it’s not overcrowded with excessive features — I love the beautiful simplicity! I find myself opening the app even when I don’t need it, just because it brings a smile to my face!…” — from Elza

🌟 Titles with multiple lines.


You can now create two-line titles! No more cutoff titles like “Favorite Restaur…”. It seems simple, but among the top to-do list apps on the market, List Maker is currently the only to-do list that supports two-line titles. We even scaled the size of the title so that users with larger devices don’t type long titles that won’t fit on smaller devices. It’s these little details that you wouldn’t otherwise think of that sets us apart from everyone else out there!

⇕ Drag and drop lists.


Two weeks ago, Sophia reached out to us. She wanted an option to move lists up and down. At the time, last edited lists would go to the top (similar to how iMessage works). It was great to keep track of the latest list updates. However, important lists like “🥒 Grocery List” would get dropped to the bottom until you needed them. We felt like the benefits of the manually organized list were outweighing the benefit of an automatic list management system. So thanks to Sophia 🙌, you can now drag and drop lists to reorder them in your Kitchen Wall (just like the way you can drag and drop items in a list).

🎨 Color-coded list titles.


A week ago, Kyriahnna emailed us about reflecting the internal list title color on her Kitchen Wall. As you know, you can change the internal list title color, but the title remains white on your Kitchen Wall to keep it homogenous. Kyrianhnna had a different perspective. She wanted to use title colors as a way to indicate the significance of a list within her Kitchen Wall. For example, she would use red titles to indicate important lists with high priority to take action on. What we liked about her idea is it would further allow you to take control of how you want to organize your Kitchen Wall, just like a real chalk board in your kitchen. The internal list title colors can now be reflected in your Kitchen Wall, thanks to Kyriahnna’s feedback 👍.

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